For there are other worlds than this

Sunday 3.17.13

No sketches yet, but my phrase is from Stephen King's Dark Tower series. A few of the characters who die are reconciled to their deaths just fine because they believe, or know, that ‘there are other worlds than this.’ In different the phrase is preceded by ‘For’ and ‘Afterall’ –both of which subtly change the interpretation of the phrase. While those changes are interesting, I've decided to pare it down to the core phrase.

I like this phrase because it's a nice reminder to have perspective, and I think it's empowering to know that the way things are isn't necessarily the way things have to be.

I considered ‘the world had moved on’ (from the same series), along with a Brendan Behan quote, and another from Goëthe, but short and sweet seems the best to attempt here on my first lettering venture.

Ben Capozzi

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