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For the record...

Heya! For the record, this is actually my first time shooting with a SLR camera {I figured I would quickly slide in my disclaimer!}  With that said, I still have PLENTY of learning to do and I am eagerly standing by for critiques and helpful tips. One of our fellow classmates [Dan C.] recommended I use Porta 400, but I felt guilty ruining a perfectly expensive roll of film for my trial-and-error shots. Instead I bought a 4-pack film of Kodak UltraMax 400 and loaded it into my Minolta SRT101.

The first three photos are the best of the worst from the bunch. In my car shot, I would have loved that the people in the background where a bit blurrier, but I have no idea how to achieve such effect. Any suggestions?


My second favorite is of my dog and sister. Again, I would have loved a blurrier background.


Portrait of Sgt. Pepper


The last two shots I COMPLETELY messed up. Over-exposed! I swear, to the naked eye, the grass was greener than ever and the sky was extremely blue. But I failed to capture such gorgeous color. Sigh. Again, any suggestions?

Epic failure . . .





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