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For the drinker, the brawler and the wanderer; Conquer all


What is Skull and Paddle? Two symbols that can be traced back to the Marine Raiders of WW2 that have been passed down to the generations of MARSOC/RECON Marine communities today. These symbols hold a very special meaning to all who have felt the pain to gain acceptance into these brotherhoods. We wish to share with everyone the values of what these symbols mean to us: Honesty, Perseverance and Hardship.

Who are we? Skull and Paddle was founded by 2 U.S Navy SARC's (Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman), and 2 U.S Marines coming from the MARSOC and RECON communities.  We don't know of a group that has traveled the world as much as us. We have climbed the mountains of Afghanistan, scorched in the deserts of Africa, sailed the seas of South East Asia/Pacific and crossed Equator to go around the Horn of Africa. We all have spent countless numbers of nights all over the world, and now we wish to share our experiences through our clothing. Whenever we're back home you can find us out on a Friday night at the local watering hole, throwing back some nice cold beers with all our brothers and friends. Maybe find us in a tattoo parlor touching up our ink or heading to the beach to spend time in the water. We are always on the move living life to the fullest. We come from different backgrounds, and all struggle with personal life challenges. It's the brotherhood and friendships we share that makes Skull and Paddle what it is. 

Does all this mean you have to have been in that community to live the life we lead? absolutely not. We use the spirit of those who went before us to conquer all of our fears and challenge ourselves to be better human beings. That's what being apart of this family is. If you want to accept this challenge and share with the world just what kind of person you are, then wear our clothes and conquer all.


11 Questions

1. What is marketing for?

Marketing is so we can spread our ideas across a broad group of potential customers by telling our brands story.

2. What are we allowed to touch?

I am in a position at my company to be able to at least lend a hand with everything I can. Our CEO has the ultimate say but is very receptive to the rest of the S&P teams advice and input.

3. What can we measure?

A lot. Especially the flow of potential customers through social media. We can measure and also control the customer demographic through social media websites as well.

4. What can we change?

We can change the publics perception of who we are by accurately telling our story. We can make people look at our product and see a shirt or a hat that they want to wear. Not only because they think they would look cool (they will) but because of what wearing our brand would tell people around them. 

5. What promise are we making?

We are promising to produce a quality product with a timely delivery and a satisfied customer.

6. Whats the hard part?

Obviously getting our brand off the ground. People have liked our page on facebook and followed us on instagram but that doesn't mean they are inclined to buy our product.

7. Make trends or follow trends?

This is a complicated question. In the apparel industry, unless you are printing your own shirts you're generally forced to choose a "blank" from a big catalog that most other clothing companies choose from too. SO, you have to be innovative with making a new trend or design that people will seriously dig. I think we have achieved that with Skull and Paddle.

8. Where is the risk?

We might lose our investment. The good news is that we started this company with pure intentions. That this would be a fun thing to do. Now we're thinking that because our brand is so popular, not just with guys like us but with a much broader audience, that we can actually turn this into a serious profit with aspirations to give back to veterans organizations like the MARSOC Foundation or Marine Recon Foundation.

9. Who is in charge? 

In one of our inagural meetings I sort of declared myself the leader of the marketing side of the house. Starting with Facebook ads. I purchased a DSLR camera on my own dime and started learning some basic photography techniques drawing on some experience with cameras from work. Our CEO Travis has the ultimate gavel slamming responsibilities but as I said before, the four of us all have wonderful and useful input. However, when we are given a task to, say, come up with a slogan, we can be very indecisive and it slows operations down.

10. What is the money for?

Building the brand. Thats pretty much an all encompassing answer. We want to reach as many people as we can and not just in the military communities. So money goes towards purchasing new shirt designs and ordering more units as well as paying for ads.

11. What is the most important way to spend my time?

Education. Doing this is the best way to learn how to build our brand and grow our company. Using resources like this and other blogs is not only going to teach me the ins and outs of good business but also to get into the right mindset when dealing with a new lifestyle brand clothing company like ours.

The 3 P's

Public Relations- We resonate with our audience because people want to be thought of as adventurous. They want to wear a brand that says "I do cool shit." The sense of a brotherhood resonates with people because we all want to feel like we are a part of something. Like you can see someone wearing a Skull and Paddle shirt and quietly acknowledge that you have each others back.

Placebo- We want people to wear our clothes and feel as though they can acheive more. A brand that causes a positive physical and emotional reaction is our goal.

People like us- This was an obvious choice. People like us get shit done. We drink, we get tattoed, we travel and we have each others back in a fight.


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