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Tia Ploutz

Graphic Designer



For the Love of Tea

I absolutely love tea, and since I have lots of interesting little trinkets for tea already around my house it presented itself as a ready subject. I've played around with photography before, but have never specifically tried to create strong moods. 

So here goes the first style:

This tea blend is strictly speaking not a pure tea, since it has lots of delicious goodies in it like chocolate and dried berries. But I'm not a purist anyways. I wanted a chunky tea with lots of interesting textures.

Some rock sugar...

To be honest I'm not in love with the lighting... I threw this together after work and mostly just used the natural light from a window and a scarf to soften some of the highlights. It worked okay, I just wish I had gotten more depth in the color I guess? Darker slate and moodier colors. I'd have to play around with it though I suppose.


I set up my shots this time to reflect a brighter, airier look. Today was overcast and I shot mid-morning, which really helped provide a softer light. I wish I had had time to play around with some reflectors, since the front of my tea cups turned out darker than I had wanted. 

But all in all I am loving being inspired to play around with setting different tones & actually shooting some photography. This class has been great fun!

So here are the shots & please feel free to leave any critique!


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