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For the Love of Alice

"For the Love of Alice" is adapted from Chapter III of John Steinbeck's "The Pastures of Heaven."

I chose to adapt Steinbeck because he writes narrative that have been successfully adapted for the screen before. (Am I being too Hollywood, taking the least risky path?) I think it's also helpful to choose an author I'm familiar with whose works I enjoy.

The protagonist is Edward "Shark" Wicks, whose ego leads to his downfall. I can unfortunately relate to this character flaw. It's also a classic character archetype in tragedies -- a person for whom excesses in the traits that make him successful lead to his tragic failure.

First Draft:

Second Draft:

Actually just very minor tweaks based on some of the comments I got (and choosing to disagree with the others).


In 1928 California, a farmer's concern for his daughter's chastity jeopardizes the embarrassing secret he's been keeping from his neighbors.


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