Myra Mireya

Lettering and Watercolor Artist



For the Love of A Sweet Life!

I decided that I will be doing a mural for a bakery/coffee shop. I became inspired by this pin  on pintrest and just love it. I decided to go through my old sketches to help me come up with ideas. I love sweets and tried writing quotes with a sweets twist.

This is my main deisgn that I am working with

Main Design


Working on different ideas

Some of my old sketches. I love using my love of sweets to tell my story of what I think about: purpose, dreams, imagination, love, courage and having fun and enjoying every moment of what life is truly about.

My old doodles. It was nice to look at these and be my own inspiration. I realize yet again that I love art and it is my purpose to share my ideas with the world.

Design 3



Design 2

Some new dootles. I just kind of let my elf go and no worry about it being perfect. I really dont even use the eraser that much unless something really bugs me. I aslo experiment with color in the sketching phase and I will how you this below.

Some new ones I have come uo with




My main deign in color. I know no one uses color when they sketch but I love it becaue it gives me...I love color and it helps me bring my piece to life and just be more drawing as a kid. 


Please be sure and provide me with feeback. This is my love and personal mission. I have so much to say an need to say it to the world. Thank you! I am thinking of puting together a cute little zine with this idea and I have another zine book idea. Think of it as a what color is my patachutte meets little lemonade studio.

Some updates. I am going to think on thee for a while and then paint the designs. These deignss are pretty much finalized.



I may change a few things. I will think on this for awhile. I welcome more feedback and I am thinking about color choice as well.

Okay so these are my final sketch ideas. They all work together in creating a central theme. I need to redraw them.







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