For my dog's 14th birthday

For my dog's 14th birthday - student project

The thing I love most about drawing is the power to alter reality, adding my interpretation of the world. That said, my dog is 14 years old now and sadly I lost all pictures of her when she was young so I decided to take an older one and just give it a face lift! She didn't wanna model for me today so I used a photo of her as reference. I used mainly blues because her coat is so black is looks blue in the sun.

For my dog's 14th birthday - image 1 - student project


I used ink first but after the second layer of watercolor I used ink again and even smudged some black ink for deep shadows.

For my dog's 14th birthday - image 2 - student project

It was a new and fun way to draw that I have never tried before, I guess you can tell I was hesitant by the softness of the finished piece.