For a friend's band, Bear Lincoln

For a friend's band, Bear Lincoln - student project

Hey classmates! So I've always loved keeping up with album art and gig poster design, but have never tried to make something of my own for that purpose. I'm especially inspired by Jason Munn, The Heads of State, and Julien Pacaud. I love how they employ a visual wit to all of their work, and use simple but stunning color palettes. Anyway, some friends of mine in a funk band called Bear Lincoln are starting to book shows and are in need of posters, and I am attempting to help them out. The band members are fun people who don't take themselves too seriously, but are very serious about the music they play. I want to design something for them that's fun and funky, but visually simple. I'm hoping to design something that can be screen printed as well. I've started working on a draft of a logo, and might like to incorporate it into the poster (the logo needs work, so feedback is appreciated!). I just ordered a scanner, so I'll be able to make sketches and scan those in at some point. Thanks for reading! - Maria

Preliminary logo drafting:

For a friend's band, Bear Lincoln - image 1 - student project



Started brainstorming some poster concepts. Will try out some sketches for the first 3. Thoughts?

1. Combination Bear + Lincoln -- Bear in suit, Lincoln Memorial style (i.e. continue to develop logo sketch, above)
2. Constellation -- The Ursa Major (bear) constellation is partly comprised of the Big Dipper constellation (used in Lincoln-era Underground Railroad). Might be too subtle, but pretty neat interconnection, I think.
3. Two faces -- Just for aesthetic reasons. I've noticed a trend that I gravitate towards posters/album art with two faces, be it human and/or animal. (See: Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca, Reading Rainbow's Mystical Participation, etc.)

More concept brainstorming:
4. Something that has nothing to do with a bear or Lincoln -- A vacuum cleaner?
5. Money -- A penny or a $5 bill with a bear instead of Lincoln. I'm not impressed by money, so I probably won't be motivated to do this...
6. Candy -- Gummy bears and …. a Lincoln log house? Like the 3 little pigs? Probably won't do this, but gummy bears would be funny :)
7. California/Flag -- The band is based in Berkeley, CA, and the CA flag has a bear on it… possibilities here?
8. Bear Xing sign -- Lincoln xing sign?
9. Naked Lincoln -- as in… bare Lincoln
10. Hats -- Smokey bear hat vs. Lincoln top hat




For a friend's band, Bear Lincoln - image 2 - student project


For a friend's band, Bear Lincoln - image 3 - student project


For a friend's band, Bear Lincoln - image 4 - student project



I think I'm going to continue developing concept #1. #2 is too subtle, in terms of recognizing the Lincoln reference, and #3 made me realize I'd rather avoid illustrating Lincoln's face.