For Winter/Spring 2013 and beyond

I have been attending a gym and exercising for almost 12 months but with out purpose or order,my ADD distracts.

For 2013 I -

  1. Look to make my body lean a BF of 15-18%
  2. To have consistency in my exercise routine
  3. To be cardiovascularly fit and run that 5/10k before the Fall
  4. To be consistent in both my diet and eexercise 
  5. to not waste time at home or at work but be focused on what I do

In the Spring and Summer 

Have set myself the challenge of 70% of the benchmark targets for USA Rugby Olympic center so
40m in 6.24 sec
Yoyo 12
Squat 220
Bench 200
Pull up 11
Vertical jump 20"


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