For Watches

Are you a person who owns more than one watch?

Do you find your watches cluttering up dresser-tops or storage drawers?

Do you think bulky, fancy, watch storage boxes a little too over the top for your watches needs?

Introducing a new way to stow your watches....using My Watch Store.

This is a work in progress but I constantly find myself fighting with my watches on how to store them effectively and effeciently, without taking up too much room. I have a few nice watches, but many are on the cheaper side so I cannot justify purcahsing a giant watch case, and I think they are generally pretty ugly. 

My project is to create a smart designed, fun, and easy storage aparatus made specifically for watches. 

I have several concepts on shape and size, but want it to be easy storage (I dont have time to fasten my watch around some fake leather pillow everytime) and incorporate a modular component. ie the more watches you have, the different the storage looks (think DNA double helix style shape perhaps).

This is a work in progress to say the least but thought I sould get something on the page for the sake of the class. 


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