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Susanna Johnson




For Papa Johnson

Better than I deserve — blessed beyond measure.

My dad says this to everyone in response to a casual "How are you?" It never fails to catch people by suprise, because we've come to expect that question to have only one answer, even if it's not true: "I'm good." It's the soft-spoken expression of his outlook on life, though life hasn't been easy. I want to honor him by lettering his words — visualizing and drawing the beauty that I see into the words themselves, exploring the depth of their meaning. 

I'd like to letter his words in the form of a handkerchief (he's an electrical contractor, and always carries handerkchiefs with him), inspired by the Winter Cabin Collection created by our very own Mary Kate McDevitt (see below). I would love for it to function as a poster as well, but we'll just have to wait and see!

Mary Kate McDevitt's Winter Cabin Collection Handerchief

Here are the first steps of my brainstorming. Updates to come!


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