For God's sake, check your calendar!

It's embarassing to miss an event I've already put in the Calendar on my new 5th generation iPod Touch. So I've resolved to check it in the morning, as soon as I wake up. Easy, right?

Well, one day I overslept and, in sprinting to work, forgot to check my calendar.

Another day, I just forgot.

So for the moment, I've got a little sign by the spare change I need to put in my pocket that says "CHECK YOUR CALENDAR!" In a few days, I'll take it down and see if I remember. If not, back it goes.

Eventually, I won't need it. That's the plan.

Update: Maybe looking at my calendar as soon as I wake up is not the best time to *remember* what I have planned for the day. I've decided to push the event forward to "before I take my first bite of breakfast."

The "little sign" is definitely helping, and I'll soon be able to do away with it. I've also decided to add a verbal "Awesome!" as a reward action. This looks like it will work.


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