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Footy icons

Right now I'm a graphic design student working through my last year of college and hoping to find a nice and creative job after I graduate.  Skillshare is a huge help in learning skills university doesn' teach you. I love the idea of iconography and came across this class in hoping it could help me lay some groundwork for future design projects and opportunities to come.  I played college soccer here for 3 years, so naturally I decided on something I knew best and went with designing soccer icons, with an idea of designing things that could possibly be used at a stadium or training ground.  I don't know if that idea will be carried out, but it's my driving force for now!  I do these classes online inbetween school so it seems a slow process for me....

here's what I've come up with so far with some (many) reference photos. And though some look traced (shinguards) it was all freehanded with a pen tool (obligated to get that off my chest so I don't look like I'm cheating haha)

a little more done. Chose a few iconic boot shapes. added the company logos though, I would most likely take them off if I used this project for something.

I rushed the process a bit, having repeats of the same source for my icons because I had to include this in a school project. I plan on going back through and creating some more different icons and going through the photoshop process to complete the set. For now here is the most updated version though!

Feel free to give feedback or suggest things you think would be cohesive or something you'd like to see!


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