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Football boots during 2014 World Cup

16-06-2014 --------------

I have joined to this class for quite a while ago but I didn't do any exercises yet.

Only started few days ago to paint this shoes the "Galaxy" of Cristiano Ronado, maybe because is to match the atmosphere of the World Cup that is happening in Brasil at the moment.

The angled brush is recommended by Katie during the videos and the watercolor is just ordinary from Sakura travel watercolor set of 18 colors.

Believe it or not, this is my first time to paint seriously using watercolor since high school, I do not have any experience into paint, but I did try few attempts by using watercolor pencil.

26-06-2014 --------------

Since the World Cup 2014 still rolling and I am still excited to watch not all but most of the games, my mood at drawing shoes still awaking and not thinking to get back to hibernate.

Below is my 2nd attempt at using watercolor to draw the new NIKE hi-top boots Magista also wore by Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7).

My difficulty here is the brush control, for this exercise I used a round brush and maybe it soaked too much water, the painting looks very wet and muddy. I also forgot that watercolor takes a while to dry and when I add another layer without noticing its surface is still moist, the paint just mix by itself.

28-06-2014 --------------

For my 3rd attempt for this pair of shoes by Adidas F50 Adizero, I tried to bring up the shadow more appealing, but i think i brought too much dark on it and made it too blackish. I think I have learned to control better the amount of water and paint and for next one probably the color will not be so dark.

I am not ready to use black or gray and I rely too much on the black paint from the watercolor set, I should mix and match and make black from mixture of diverse colors.

02-07-2014 --------------

This is my 4th attempt and because I was not very happy on the previous painting, I felt the colour too solid, not wash and transparent enough, that's why I decided to try to raise my confidence and patience in making it more transparent by adding more layers to make more depth.

I also try to apply the techique of wet into wet for the background and the shadows. I am quite happy with the outcome.

04-07-2014 --------------

It was a disaster to paint this boots of Concord! I tried a new technique called Wet into Wet on the red area and smudge all over the place! I tried to finish the painting, but wasn't very happy and satisfied, I think it will be easier for me to do Wet on Dry.

I really don't know what's wrong on this painting, just felt something wrong, maybe the drawing, the painting, the proportion, the brush stroke, the shadow, etc.

04-07-2014 --------------

I am quite satisfied with the outcome of this shoes by Mizuno and wore by Honda (JPN) during the 2014 World Cup. Eventhought the colours not exactly the same (I am not colour blind), but I am quite happy with it by accident. The colours should be black on the green area, but because I didn't mix the dark colour properly it turned out green.

For this exercise I tried to play a bit on the shadows and on the little effect to make it more artistic. Below are the stages of my painting and I used a round brush to practise my painting skills as I think I am better at angled (recommended by Katie).

05-07-2014 --------------

Once again I have used "angled brush" but I have forgotten to put lots of water and make it more transparent. This paiting as my opinion didn't really looked like a watercolor paint, but a marker or some other pigmented painting. Looks very solid, very dry, not much related to watercolor. For next exercise I MUST REMEMBER to add more water instead of making it so solid and try. The only bit that looks like watercolor is the shadow.

Then it didn't worked well on the mixing color, the violet should look more blueish and the nails are not proportionally drawn, I must take more attention on the drawing too.

15-07-2014 --------------

Mmmm..... even the World Cup is over, my drawings are not over yet. Still have lots to learn and to experiment. I can see some changes and progresses on my skill, but my hand still a bit shaky, I cannot draw a clean line yet. And also I always forget to test if the paint is dried before applying another layer of paint and by accident some smudges occurs. One of my strain is the laces and I think I have overcome a bit, it looks better at this drawing now.


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