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Foodie Pattern Design

Thank you for sharing the technique and projects to create illustration pattern design.

I create this pattern to because I want to remidn myself how much I like eating and especially eating them with friends and family.


My first pencil sketch and I drew oon paper. There are more line variation and I was too afraid to put ink on it.


I eneded up with tracing the line on illustrator. After than, I sent it to my friends and one of them said it looks a bit unclearand messy so I tried to organize it a bit more.


Then I colored it and make the pattern in illustrator.


Then, I experimented to put it on clothing.


and at last, I tried it on a vertical oriented verison with a different color background.

I really like the colorful feeling of this design.

I found this project very challenging and satisfying as well!

Please let me know how I can improve in this project and do better in the future. 

Is it too much and too overwhelming? Is the pattern lacks some appealing?


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