Foodie Art

Foodie Art - student project

I really love food, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate it into this project.  I explored different themes, from baked goods to cultural foods, and decided to highlight different meals throughout the day, so breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and maybe even dessert if I have time to do a fourth).  Ultimately I'd like to turn these into small pieces of art that I can hang in my apartment.

I started out with a list of all the foods in each category, and then moved to sketches once I decided on my theme.  I read a lot of food blogs, which all have amazing photography, so I was very inspired by that.  Right now I am picturing everything in a circular clipped shape, but am not married to it.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Foodie Art - image 1 - student project

Foodie Art - image 2 - student project

Lara Ngai

Graphic Designer at Tekserve