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NEW APP NAME: FoodListic - Free Grocery List (Shopping List)


Have you ever been frustrated after passing every aisle only to find that you are still unable to find 
your item? Well, find things on your grocery list (shopping list) faster with FoodListic! The only 
shopping list app saves aisle location information specific to your store. Share your lists with your 
family and always keep your lists by automatically syncing with them.


This is the ONLY grocery list app that enables save store-specific aisle information and give that back 
to you (or anyone else who is shopping at that grocery store) the next time that FoodListic is used.

Here are some of the most recent reviews:

"Great time saver. This app enables my wife and I to always stay in sync. We never forget to pick up an item from the grocery store anymore. Love the notification system that keeps our phones up to date and the fact that it has already saved me time because it now knows where most of my items are in my stores. Absolutely a must have on my phone!" - DeepTrik (5 stars ★★★★★)

"This is a highly useful app. My wife and I use this every time we go to the grocery store. The grocery 
list updates and knowing where items are located are the best parts of this app. You will definitely 
find it useful for your grocery shopping needs. Highly recommend!" - Maulik177 (5 stars ★★★★★)

"This will keep me out of trouble with the wife! Thanks! On top of GREAT customer service!!!" - Chad 
Johnson (5 stars ★★★★★)

"The best app of its kind!" - patentpro (5 stars ★★★★★)



♦ Built-In Items - over 140,000 items in the FoodListic Database to choose from (or create your own).

♦ Lists – Build multiple lists quickly and easily. Always keep them organized and up to date.

♦ Aisles – Assign items to specific aisle within specific stores for easier shopping

♦ Barcode Scanning – Quickly add items to your list by scanning them

♦ List Sharing – Share your lists with friends, and/or family. The website will never 
lose your data.

♦ Pictures – Items can contain pictures to help you identify and find them

♦ Notification – Send/Receive notifications when a shared list is updated

♦ Ad Free - Never see any ads on this shopping list app.


Save time and keep your shared lists current with FoodListic.



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