Food Star

Food Star - student project

Case 1: It's the weekend, you buy groceries with good intent to eat better and eat at home more often. Come weekday, you fall back on your old habits of eating out at the deli, at the cafeteria, etc. etc. Not necessarily quality food, a lot of repetition, and almost definitely not healthy. 

Case 2: (1) You are at home, starting to get hungry, you open the fridge - there is some fresh produce, maybe some meat, maybe some jars, and you close the fridge. You open the freezer, there are the stock frozen options that are just not in the mood for right now. You open the cabinets, there are some grains, pasta, and such. 15 minutes pass. (2) You repeat the above sequence 1. Then, you consider ordering a pizza. You resist. (3) 8 minutes pass. You repeat the entire sequence 1 & 2. (4) 4 minutes pass - you open the freezer - grab that frozen favorite - rip, poke, microwave, instant delayed frustrating gratification ensues. Inside, you die a little. The produce cries. The freezer misses its old companion. It's a lose-lose-lose situation. But not anymore. Food star is going to shine bright and help you on every step of the way - easing some of the pain and elevating the pleasure points in the process. 

Food Star - an app, enabling kitchen warriors with smart lists, friendly recipe suggestions, and customized reminders. May you embrace the empowerement. Eat on and cook on, you food star, you.