Food Star

Food Star - student project

Case 1: It's the weekend, you buy groceries with good intent to eat better and eat at home more often. It's the weekday and you fall back on your old habits of eating out at the deli, at the cafeteria, etc. etc. Not necessarily quality food, a lot of repetition, and almost definitely not healthy. 

Case 2: There are a few things in your fridge and then some in your pantry. You want to eat at home, willing to cook and try something new, but have absolutely no clue how to put these eatables together. 

Food Star - a website that will help you make the right choice by providing you with friendly reminders about the delicious possibilities in your fridge. It will also provide you a list of your often bought groceries to make a shopping list for that store run. Recipe suggestions provided based on the groceries you have at home or want to eat more off in life. Eat on and cook on, you food star, you.