Food-Safe Paper Flowers for Cake Decorating

My first Skillshare class will be on making paper flowers that are safe to use on cakes for cake decorating. I'm a cake decorator and I have an online shop that sells edible gumpaste decorations and cake decorating supplies. Paper flowers are a great way to decorate cakes, but they need to be food-safe. Here's the class info that I have so far:

Make paper dahlias that can be used to decorate cakes or for a home accent. By using food-safe materials, you can create simple flowers that can dress up a cake and then be saved as a souvenir after your event is over.


Project: Dye the paper and make a dahlia: Dye some paper and take a photo, then assemble the flower and show what the finished product looks like. See where the color on the paper ends up on the flower compared to how you predicted it would look when you colored it.


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