Food Project_Brewed - Fort Worth,TX

Food Project_Brewed - Fort Worth,TX - student project

Firts off, loved the class and how to the point it was. Definetly had some great tips to get the best out of food photography. 

The place I photographed was a local eatery called Brewed in Fort Worth,TX. It was my first time visiting and it won't be the last. Something that I don't remember in the skills share class but I would probably recommend is asking for permission to photograph. Some places have rules on photography but a majority of businesses will welcome your photography with open arms. Since I run a blog called I thought this would be a great post to do and share my experience. 

Food Project_Brewed - Fort Worth,TX - image 1 - student project

Food Project_Brewed - Fort Worth,TX - image 2 - student project

The plate pictured above is their Brewed Pot Roast. It is as delicious as it looks and the beef melts right off. The day outside was cloudy but it made for great window light and makes the colors pop out. 

Food Project_Brewed - Fort Worth,TX - image 3 - student project

I loved the composition in one of Daniel's shots which used the corner of a table. This is a shot of a drink called Cortado. They explaned it is "espresso 'out' with a small amount of steamed milk. Here is my go at it. 

Food Project_Brewed - Fort Worth,TX - image 4 - student project

Food Project_Brewed - Fort Worth,TX - image 5 - student project

The above two shots are of the ambience of the restaurant. I did take more but I'll share these two on here. The restaurant has so many unique decorations and small details you could spend a good hour walking around and looking. If your ever in town check this place out. Feedback is welcome!



Canon 35mm F1.4L