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Food Obsessive Days

I track what I eat (when I remember), but it's incredibly tough for me since I'm food obsessed. I think cheese deserves its own spot on the food pyramid, I find calm through cooking, and am somewhere between a foodie (admire, respect food) and a frat boy (wings, wings, beer, wings). I thought food would be an interesting place to start.

I'm interested in what I eat versus what I want to eat, so I'm going to try to track my food thoughts. I realize I sound like a hormonal pregnant woman, but really I'm just interested in seeing if I think about food that much when I'm not eating or if it's something I think about mostly when I'm experiencing it. I'll track food interactions, grouping them into "thinking about" and "eating." 


- What food am I interacting with? 

- Time

- Mood

- Eating or craving or thinking? 

- Location

- Who is present/involved? 


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