Food Label - Protein Baking Mix (Powercakes)

Food Label - Protein Baking Mix (Powercakes) - student project

Product : Powercake Protein Baking Mix

The product is a health and fitness minded powder food mix, used in baking to create a protein-heavy, but natural ingredient "powercake" protein cake (or pancake).

The aesthetic should speak to the custom, natural, organic, health-minded qualities of the product, while emphasizing the company qualities of being local, hands-on, personable and a neighbor/friend in one's quest for healthy eating and living.

The label should continue the (flexible) existing branding from the blog, but ornamental, colorful, and hand written typography & imagery would help the product look unique over the usually bland, unprofessional, or too-in-your-face-weightlifting looks of competitors.

The label must be adhered to a small pouch / bag, there will also be a containing box that houses all of the pouches in store / on shelf.

This is a small, upcoming business so budget is very important (its expensive to fund the food-side); I'll look to utilize labor and hands-on craft in places that would otherwise cost money (stamping, hand-writing, self-applying).

Important Words: Original Protein Baking Mix, Gluten Free, Plant Based, Powercakes

Some photos for inspiration & direction:

Food Label - Protein Baking Mix (Powercakes) - image 1 - student project

Duncan Falk

Interactive Designer / Developer