Food Instagram

Food Instagram - student project

I am Ana and I already have an account which theme is vegan/vegetarian healthy food. Also, I love nature, self-care, travel... so I try to bind all together (which for me is the most difficult cause I try to not go off on a tangent). What I do is that I post 2 recipes and the 3rd is ususally nature, travel or just me, trying to make a feed with sense. 

I chose this theme cause I just love cooking, trying new things, make photos of my meals, decorate the dishes... Besides I am a Food Processer student, so I can apply some science to my photos, recipes and stories, which I think is the special part of my account.

My account is @veggetaria (I linked down below), I will really appreciate if you take a look into my feed and leave a like or a coment, those things motivated my so much to keep going with it!

Thank you so much! I hope you like it.

Futhermore, this courses are helping me sooo much to get inspied and learn a bit more about food photography. It is a really good job what they do!

Food Instagram - image 1 - student projectFood Instagram - image 2 - student projectFood Instagram - image 3 - student project