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Food Illustration - Design your favourite fruity recipe

I'm joining in the the May Side Hustle with ANOTHER food illustration class in conjunction with They Draw and Cook. It will called Food Illustration : Communicate your Recipe Through Props - by which I mean items such as mixing bowls/ whisks/ measuring jugs/ pyrex dishes. I will be discussing how to set up an illustrated recipe so the viewer is able to 'read' at first glance exactly what you are trying to communicate also through the use of colour and lettering.

This is my first class with Skillshare, although I've been thinking about doing a class for ages! I would like to share my knowledge and experience of food illustration and illustrated recipes.

Class Title : Food Illustration: Illustrate your Favourite Fruity Recipe

Class Description

Do you love cooking and food and art?  Have you ever wanted to share a favourite recipe by illustrating it and making it into something extra special? Food is a feast for all the senses including the eyes so lets make it look fabulous.

Ohn Mar Win is a illustrater and surface pattern designer with a passion for food. Her work has recently appeared in a 'The Most Gorgeous Cookbook Ever' Ohn Mar's food illustrations have alo apeared in magazines, been used in branding, as well as illustrating food packaging for well known brands.  She will be talking through a wonderful project where students can upload their illustration to the 'They Draw and Cook' website if they wish. She will be sharing with you all the lessons that she learnt while illustrating her cookbook, from choosing the recipe, considering simple layouts to drawing the fruit.

I have just completed my class outline - I've given the structure of the course a lot of thought and want to make it as easy as possible for the students to follow. I will be taking them through the process using a illustrated recipe I'm just about to put together and will eventually upload to They Draw and Cook 

Read the outline here:


Oh my gosh it is now AUGUST and I'm FINALLY uploading my intro video. I had horrid Mac issues which forced me to wipe and reinstall my entire hardrive. 

I had fun putting this part together which bodes well for the next set of class videos. I love to know what you think.


Oh my gosh I can't believe I've actually made it!!! My class is live and I already have 70 students....wowsers. I only announced it officially today, although it went live two days ago so I'm super duper happy. Here is the link.


I'd like to say a massive thank you to all and the Skillshare team for the amazing support. I'm so excited!!!


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