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Food Illustration : Design Your Favourite Fruity Recipe

Hi Everyone

Oh my gosh I can't believe I've actually made it!!! My class is live and I already have 70 students....wowsers. I only announced it officially today, although it went live two days ago so I'm super duper happy. Here is the link.


I have already implemented these strategies today:

I have a good following on Instagram (@ ohn_mar_win) where I regularly post time lapse videos of myself either drawing or painting. So it made sense to create/ edit a short time lapse of a small section of my class video and upload it to Instagram with a enrol link. Each day this week I plan free enrolments, give away copy of my illustrated book, and more teaser videos.

I'm also very active on Pinterest with a fair following - so I posted the class to my 'Love Food Illustration' board

I have shared on Facebook to my business, personal pages and the various groups I am a member of.

UPDATE - 2 weeks later

Just before I went on vacation I topped 50k followers on Instagram. So I made a few super short animations to remind folks to sign up using the referral link, especially the $0.99 offer. That a look at some of them here 


I have been trying to post foodie images everyday ( since I am a food illustrator) as gentle reminders about my class without going over the top


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