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Food Idioms

Idiom Brainstorm & Word List

I love to eat, cook and naturally the food idioms are the ones that made it onto my list. After starring my favorites and creating word associations, I have narrowed it down between food for thought  and that is how the cookie crumbles. Both have a lot of room to play with and figure that sketching out some ideas might help narrow it to one. We shall see...


Sketching & Refining

Still undecided about which idiom to choose, I sketched out both. I was not really feeling either of them until I drew the mugshot of Cookie Monster (Cookie - bottom right) and the worm eating through a book (Food - upper right). I am going to draw a couple of iterations of both and see if a better story unfolds.

That's the way the cookie crumbles


Food for thought


 Illustratored Up!

And the sketch has become an illustration with color!! I am an illustrator dabbler so it took a lot more time than I realized it was going to take to outline and color everything. I really like the texturing in the tutorial, but that will have to be another day... 

Loved all of the steps to create the project. Thanks Mike!



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