Juliana Loh

Freelance Writer | Marketing Strategist



Food, Fun and Life

I love Instagram as it's such a wonderful tool to view and share inspiring images on travel and food - that feeds into my passion and interests and core content of my blog - it is my little creative corner online.

I have always kept the direction to food, fun and life, the same as my blog @chickenscrawlings and didn't expect to be featured two years ago as part of the community. This explains the 21K followers I have, but I am a little disappointed that the engagement has dropped. I was about 2500followers before the wonderful folks at instagram gave me a props and it rose to 29K followers at its peak.

I am not about the numbers these days, I take pride in curating the content and still trying to figure out the drop in engagement after being featured.

I've used Instagram as a tool to share my favourite haunts and secret spots in Macau as I am a freelance journalist writing lots of pieces to share parts of Macau.



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