Juliana Loh

Freelance Writer | Marketing Strategist



Food, Fun & Life

@chickenscrawlings is my blog and my Instagram handle. I was featured nearly 2 years ago and grew from 2000+ followers to over 29K, it's been slowly dropping to about 21K followers that I have now.


I have always remained true to my content and form, staying authentic, trying a few new filters and tricks here and there, but curating content wise - it's always been about Food, Travel and Life and to keep finding new and interesting way to make snaps and compositions that are fun and (I try to be) inspiring.

The engagement to my photos also started to fall over time, and I notice very thematic channels like architecture, photography, landscape nature shots do well consistently because of the theme, I haven't made the decision to veer from the lifestyle approach. 


As a marketing consultant, I have a good idea of content creation and made the decision to stick to what is authentic to my voice and life echoed on my blog on my personal channel.

I contemplated switching gears but it betrays my principles to be real - not the made up fabulous perfect instagram type of life. Most of all, I have faith that the Instagram community featured my account because there was interesting content to begin with.

I am not sure what the best way would be forward to bump up engagement. I am not entirely fazed by losing fans because I believe in engaged quality followers who share the same interests and passions over bot users.


Any advice much appreciated!


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