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Foo Fighters

As always, it starts with a sketch. I have an old Foo Fighters demo on in the background, so I thought I'd put together something that could be a simple T-shirt as they're getting a new album why not.

The sketch is pretty terrible, but I can get the Fs and S to extend. Now off to find a font.

I chose Airship 27 from lostfonts, as I like the shape of the font, and it looks like the vectors will be managable. (I tried another font MENSCH because I liked the rounded edges, but it was just a disaster to work with, so I changed to this, and I was happy with how it worked).

First, I extended the Fs across the top. Combining them looked too sloppy, so I gave them an edge for some movement. The S didn't cooperate as much, so I changed the sizing and brought it down so the bottom would act as an underline. I also changed the thickness of the Fs vertical line to match, moved the middle bars on the F to line up with everything else, and brought the height down a bit.

This was just creating the 3d look. It was a bit tough because I think my spacing got too tight, but it managed to work in the end to where I was happy.

Once in Photoshop I added a bit of texture, made the font a light grey to add some contrast and the red highlights to make it pop some.

The grey was a choice specifically for the blue shirt. I think it gives the faded look and blends into that trendy washed out fabric that give the vintage look. 

I still don't think I'm thrilled with what the S is doing, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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