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Foo Fighters poster


I chose to do a poster on the Foo Fighters!

I haven't done much drawing lately and your project was so appealing that I will try to propose something. Drawing on paper is really hard for me because there's no "undo"! But I will give it a shot anyways...

I started this project by making some research on the Foo Fighters. I first tried to play with the name of the band which is atypical. I thought it could lead to something original but it didn't. So I started to listen to Dave Grohl in interviews and in one of them, he mentioned that music was so important to him that it went directly to his heart. When Kurt Cobain died he was afraid he would never ne able to play or listen to music barely because some songs moved him so deeply that he could not bare it. 

I based my poster on that anecdote. I thought that reflected exactly what I felt while listening to the Foo Fighters' music and his declaration was so poignant that I thought it was the essence of his passion for music and creating this band.

I then chose to draw a human heart with partition going right through it, coming in, getting out and wrapping it also.

I am posting the fisrt sketches I simply did on paper with a pencil after I did some tests on the iPad. I hope I will finish it the way I imagine it. 



I found a partition of "Times like these" on internet and I will use that as a base to place the notes on the partitions.


Final version:



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