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Ana Menezes

Carioca designer and bookbinding enthusiast



Fonts for all times and purposes

If I could save only four fonts, I would want them to be as varied as possible (for many purposes, and that could help originate other new fonts), and I would them to tell a bit of the history of the past. The fonts I've chosen are:

- Baskerville: a serif font from the 1800s, to be a reference of history and the past. And also to be used in the design of new books and newspapers;

- Rockwell: a font that most commonly used for display, wich would be useful in our new post-apocalyptical era;

- Helvetica: Historical, and a symbol of breaktrough...we couldn't go without it. Even though this has been widely used (even too much) it is a classic, and we would need that to remind us of the days past.

- Input Sans: A contemporary font for coding, used a lot on data visualization. It is a symbol of what we had right before the apocalipse.

So there you go! I've chosen fonts for their application and also for their place in human history.



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