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Fonts and Type and Letters, Oh My!

Well, work and other things got in the way. I feel like I've left it a bit too long but I would like to finish the project. I knew I'd get stuck at this part but I need to change the quote again and start fresh.


I decided on "It always seems impossible until it is done." Here are my sketches, I like the one with the star the best I think

I tried some sketches but I think it's too long and the punctuation is awkward. Going to rethink!


I've chose my quote. It's a little long and the quotation might make it tricky but I love it.

`Because,` she said, `when you're scared but you still do it anyway, that's brave.`

- Neil Gaiman (Coraline)

I coul just use the second part but I like it being part of a story.  I think the most important words are "scared" and "brave" with secondary words being "Because" and "anyway". I'll start working on sketches!


A typeface I tried to make. I'm just going to call it a work in progress! I was inspired by the little wave in the 'm' on the branding font. Most of the letters have a wave on them. I want to re-do some letters though!


My initials in tinsel!


Attempt at copying type, on a B5 sketchpad


Brand: Meiji Chocolate. One of the oldest Japanese chocolate makers. The basic style of the wrapper hasn't changed since it began in 1916  but the font changed to this one in 2009. You can see both logos here:

I think the new font is simpler, which gives it a more modern feel. It's also round and heavy which is friendly and rich- like chocolate! The waves on the m look like a chocolate river. (maybe I'm over analysing there!)


"Typographic" in Nyala. This was harder than I thought! I see mistakes now I've uploaded it...


Typography from around. Mostly Japanese.

1. No parking. 2. No parking 3. Fire extinguiser 4. Bus 5. Flower shop 6. Women's clothes shop 7. Italian cafe 8. Bank 9. Pachinko advert 10. Gum vending machine 11. Yakiniku (self-bbq beef) 12 Dry cleaners 13 Auto parts (maybe) 14. Vietnamese restaurant


These are my ten fonts. I think they are mostly easy to understand, I live in Japan so 'traditional' brought that to mind first. I also think it's interesting that 'danger' and 'loud didn't look right in lower case letters.


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