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Alessia Longo

graphic designer, monday lover



Following the workshop steps - FINAL STEPS

Hi, I'm Alessia from Italy.

I studied graphic design and in these last three/four months I did some practice with the brush pen and other calligraphy tools. I've always though my work wasn't good enough to upload but I want to use this workshop to left the fear aside and show up, so here I am :)

These are the first exercises, I used a ruled paper because I felt more confident, is it ok or is better to write on a blank page? 
I find difficult to go up with the brush, the strokes are still uncertain but the most difficult exercise was to change the brush stroke while drawing the line... I have to work hard on that! 

Every comment and help are welcome!
Thank you






See you for the next step :)


I found a lot difficult to copy from an alphabet, to understand the proportion and to re-create the rhythm was harder than I thought but I decided to post everything so after a lot of trying, here there are the best alphabet I could write





I have to admit I couldn't work on the final piece as much as I wanted, I did a lot of stroke excercises but really a few composition.

The quote I choose is something I'm trying to apply to myself, I hope I will show you a better version of this one day :)


Thanks Andrea for your lessons, I promise I'll do better photos too :D


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