Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart - student project

I'm a little behind the game, but wanted to upload everything I've worked on even if it's a little late. I decided to go with the phrase " follow your heart". I previously took a semester long typeface course with David Berlow, so I have had some experience creating letterforms. However, I seem to struggle most ( or have the least amount of practice) creating scripts & flourishes. I thought I wanted to go outside of my comfort zone with this class and try something in this style.

Not completely satisfied with my sketches, I worked through about 8 different sketches before deciding on this one. I find the biggest issue for me is keeping a consistent angle of the letters, hence my bright pink lines accross my sketch. :)

My flourishes aren't completely resolved, however I want to import this into illustrator to start to see it come to life and will make changes as I go. I also was thinking about making the flourishes into the shape of a heart but have had some difficulty in making a heart shape as well as keeping the composition balanced. I haven't completely given up on this idea either.

Follow Your Heart - image 1 - student project

Follow Your Heart - image 2 - student projectFollow Your Heart - image 3 - student project

Anna Trokan

Designer & Illustrator