Folksy Flowers

Folksy Flowers - student project

Firstly I want to thank you Peggy for a fun and entertaining class. This is the first of yours that I have seen and you are so great to listen to!


Colour Palette

I've been wanting to experiment with a folk art style for a while and this was a great guide for me to get started. I came up with the theme of southwest desert to help guide my process. This is why I went for quite a vibrant colour palette.I don't usually work with these types of colour but I absolutely love how bold they are and the colours alone definitely gave me inspiration to keep going with the project.

Folksy Flowers - image 1 - student project


Folk Art Flower (with a guide)

With a bit of research into the Southwest I learnt that some breeds of Yucca plants have the magnificent stalks of flowers coming through their centre. I thought this would be an interesting shape to begin working with.

Folksy Flowers - image 2 - student projectFolksy Flowers - image 3 - student projectFolksy Flowers - image 4 - student project


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