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Folklore Logo

Some friends of mine asked me to create a logo for their most recent project called Folklore. They make sculpture art and jewelry with a dark mythical vibe to it. They didn't really give me any guidelines or specifics, except that they wanted me to try to incorporate the Rougarou, a werewolf type creature living in the folklore of Cajun French Louisiana. 

:: Inspirational Images ::


:: Thumbnail sketches ::


They picked the bottom left and the middle left, and I like the one in the middle, so I decided to work on that one too. 

For the first style, I found a font I liked and tweaked it a bit to make a few different versions. I printed them out and traced them on my lightbox. Then I re-scanned it and vectorized it in Illustrator.


For the next one, I hand drew out the Rougarou and the font in a style I liked then I scanned it and vectorized it. 


For this one, I drew it by hand then used the Pen tool in Illustrator to draw it out. 


It felt a little awkward so I worked on progressing it with the pen tool a little more.


After applying shading and 3d effect 



: :Final Logo ::

I don't feel like the 3d effect really works for this logo, but I wanted to try it anyway to get the hang of it. I would like to try scanning it and hand drawing it then re applying all of the texture, but that's for another day. I kept it simple and I'm happy with how it turned out. Any feedback is appreciated!



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