Folkart Flowers

Folkart Flowers - student project

I have been in a bit of a art slump. I had finished a big project that I had been working on for over a year. I needed something to shake me out of my blackhole. So I hopped on Skillshare and found this class. It was just what I needed

                                     .Folkart Flowers - image 1 - student project

I chose my colors using a color palette creator. I was just not feeling it, so I let a computer chose for me. I did have to find the right colors and stuff from my stash. So that is the above page.


                                 Folkart Flowers - image 2 - student project

I decided to follow along with everything in the class. This was my first attempt at a folkart flower. I think it looks like an angry cat and I am totally hear for it.

         Folkart Flowers - image 3 - student project

This pattern play time was so much fun. It is interesting to see how the background color choice really chances the feel of the overall piece. Too me the brown background makes it feel more springy. The white background however makes me want to decorate for Christmas. It was definitely a secondary lesson but I will be more aware of the choices I make when choosing a background for all future pieces.

                                Folkart Flowers - image 4 - student project

I use a 5.5x5.5 square sketchbook so I had to get creative with the layout for this project. Basically it translated into me doing an extra row of flowers. I also got bored with the top color scheme so I refreshed it a little by either changing the medium of a color (top green is gouache, bottom is watercolor). It is still a cohesive piece with a little bit of interest.