Mariel A.

Graphic Design/Illustration/Art Direction from PDX



Folk Floral

First of all I would like to say thank you to Elizabeth for this wonderful class! I learned so much and I will definitely be creating many, many patterns in the future :).

I particularly a fan of folk patterns and artwork, both from Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland, and the Czech Republic, and also from Western European countries from Sweden. I tried to make a moodboard to reflect this:


So in conclusion, I kind of wanted to make a pattern that was a Eastern European folk pattern that could be found in Ikea :).

This was the original that I came up with:


I was satisfied with most of the original colors that I picked, but I wanted to change the background color so I made these:



I liked both a lot but decided that the green aligned more with the direction I wanted to go in. So I made a few mockups!



I had so much fun taking this class. Feedback is welcome!


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