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Folk Feast!


I'm not sure why, but I've always loved folk art, folk patterns, folk everything! Maybe it's the incredible array of bright colours often used or the way so many patterns and motifs come together in an exciting feast for the eyes without being busy. Or perhaps it's that element of home-y chic that gets me! Whatever the case, I'm totally drawn to the aesthetic and thought it would be a great challenge to myself to create my own folk inspired pattern. Sure hope I can do it some justice!

Here are my sketches. I think I'll add more birds but it's a start!


I've had so many versions but for now, I'm sticking with this one! Final project...



Well, I've been trying to upload new pics all day and nothing is working! Guess I'll try again later...

Ok let's try again! I was thinking that the lines in the pattern were a bit too fine so I thickened them a drop and went for a 2nd coloour combo. Here it is...


and repeated...


I'm so excited my uploading is working again! Thanks Skillshare team! Thanks Elizabeth for being really inspiring!


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