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Adriana Bergstrom

Illustrator & Designer



Folk Art / Curly Birds

Update Jan. 31st: I had to get rid of that single dot between the leaves from V2.

Pattern repeat 3x5:

Jan. 28 - V2

And here's a more finalized colorway that I'm happy with.

From a distance, you can see the repeats because the birds are pretty conspicuous, but I'm still really happy with the way the elements flow.  For a first try at a complex repeat pattern, I think it's alright!  I am so glad I came across this class.  Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your skills with us!  I would never have figured out how to do clean, complex repeats with Illustrator.  I'm much obliged.


One of my inspirations is Henri Gillet.  I love the solid chunks of color and the overall look of his surface design "decorative fantasies".

I love this class!  I finally got the composition where I want it... next is color!


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