Folk Art Bouquet

Folk Art Bouquet - student project

I sketched a greeting card size folk art bouquet.

Folk Art Bouquet - image 1 - student project

After looking at various colour palettes on Pinterest, I chose this one as a starting point.

Folk Art Bouquet - image 2 - student project

The paper I intended to paint on is ivory coloured, so I planned my gouache palette on a sample of that paper using Winsor & Newton paint. I wanted a slightly lighter blue and a greener green. I also changed the pink and ochre, which I felt needed to be a little darker on the ivory paper. I mixed the paints from Prussian Blue, Spectrum Red, Gold Ochre, Spectrum Yellow, and Sap Green, plus Zinc White and Titanium White.


Folk Art Bouquet - image 3 - student project

I like this colour combination for my folk art bouquet.

Folk Art Bouquet - image 4 - student project

Thank you, Peggy, for a fun project!