Folds -- Earth Textures -- Bad ass women

I love beautiful things, but not in the typical princess at an Oscar de la Renta show way. I do like Oscar; it just doesn't epitomize my style. I like thing that make me feel cool, calm and connected to the ground I walk on. 

I love masculine pieces. I like sexy masculine women. I love shapes and architecture. I am currently working on draping a dress, and I want to use this drawing session to fully complete my ideas. I want my tones neutral but light for spring. I am imagining white, creams, greys, and maybe a little pale blue. I want to keep it neutral to fight against the overly patterened and jumbled world I live in (NYC), but I want to add complexity through folds, shapes, and drape.

These are the images inspiring my ideas. Some are for mood, some are the over all look, while others are just the placemenet of a pocket or shape of a sleeve. I tend to not label what I am drawn to an image as it solidifies my instincts for me if every time I open something I remember exactly what I liked about it.  


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