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Focusing on Aperture - My 5th class is LIVE!

I'm so excited! I reached my personal goal of publishing 5 Skillshare classes! This photography class is a great sister-course to my Shutter Speed class I published a couple months ago. 

This class dives into the nitty gritty of Aperture. I go through Depth of Field, Bokeh, f/stops, and lenses!

If you wanna hone your Manual Mode photography skills, take a look!




Thanks so much for the continued support!
View my class here:


You guys! Guess what?

My FOURTH class!

I'm so excited to teach this class about making double exposures in camera! No photoshop necessary!
Check it out!



This class shows several different methods for making double exposures and gives tons of ideas and inspiration to get started! I'd love if you took a look :)

I sent out emails to my ridiculously incredible student following and I'll post to my friends on facebook in the morning. I have a really good feeling about this class!

Thanks so much for the support! You guys are rad!


My THIRD class!

ETA: It has been 1 month and I have 208 students and 3,458 minutes watched. Yay!

ETA: It has been 1 week and I have 43 students and 632 minutes watched. Thank you guys so much for the support!!

I'm so excited to be able to establish myself as a photography instructor on Skillshare!
My newest class is all about Shutter Speed and manual mode and I teach you how to photograph rad LIGHTNING and STAR photos! I've included all my settings to help you get great results! I'd love if you checked it out. This community is so amazing <3






ETA: It has been 2 months and I have 884 awesome students and 12,120 minutes watched! I have received so much positive feedback from this class! My students are seriously the raddest folks ever!

ETA: It has been 1 month since I published my Lightbox class and it has been so exhilarating watching my following grow and interacting with my students! I have received 2 features and I was included in an email to all Skillshare students! I'm so grateful for the amazing support I've received! THANK YOU to everyone who has watched my class! It has been one month and I have 637 students and over 8k minutes watched!! <3




ETA: It has been 8 months and I have 79 students and 946 minutes watched!

ETA: It has been about 7 months and I have 72 students so far. Thanks for the support!!!

ETA: My class is live! I'm so excited :)

ETA: Here's a link to my intro sample video! Watch on Youtube

ETA: Here's the link to my class outline!

For my first Skillshare class I wanted to share my technique for making hand-painted galaxy shoes.

Here's my draft description: (feedback welcome!)

Step up your sneaker game with a few tubes of paint and some masking tape! In this class I'll show you how I create a hand-painted cosmic pattern on a pair of canvas shoes.

No formal painting skills necessary! Seriously. Impress yourself (and your friends!) with your totally unique stardusted sneakers.

I hope you'll use the tips and tricks in this course as a jumping point for amazing wearable art! Don't be afraid to experiment and create something that is all your own.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! :D

Class Project:

Use the techniques taught in this class to create your own pair of galaxy shoes.


  • A pair of canvas shoes. My preference is black. These can be brand new or well-worn.
  • Acrylic paint in your desired colors plus White. I use: Purple, Blue, Black, and White.
  • A medium to large paintbrush. I'll be using a small spongebrush but anything larger than your pinky finger and smaller than a business card should suffice.
  • A paper plate or paint palette
  • Masking tape
  • A toothpick or other fine-pointed object like a safety pin
  • OPTIONAL: Fabric Painting Medium. This is mixed into acrylic paint for added wear and washability. Usually found in the same aisle as acrylic paint in a white bottle.


  1. Find inspiration through photos of space
  2. Purchase or re-purpose a pair of canvas shoes
  3. Mask off areas we don't want painted
  4. Apply a base layer of paint
  5. Blend colors for smooth transitions
  6. Splatter stars!
  7. Fine-tune stars and finishing touches
  8. Show off your masterpiece!

Photograph and post your finished pair of shoes in the project gallery!


  1. Start project by sharing a "before" photo of your blank canvas shoes!
  2. Post at least 1 progress photo during any part of the process
  3. Post your finished pair of shoes! Bonus points if they're on a pair of feet! ;)

Feel free to update your progress as you go! No need to post all at once. Can't wait to see how your shoes transform!


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