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Michael Ayoola

Product Management




Customer Scenario

People prioritize on too many things in a day. They need a way to organize with a focus. Too many to-do platforms and apps that focus on the wrong things

Problem Hypothesis:

People feel that they have too many priorities in a day

Solution Hypothesis:

Focus on the most important few (20/80 rule). Then provide resources to complete them effectively and efficiently.

Assumption about users:

People prioritize too many things in a day

Users think To-do apps do not work

People believe if I do not do this today my day will not be complete

Will this improve their daily performance

Users love a useful mobile app or web platform

Riskiest Assumption:

People need help prioritizing work

Assumption Validation:

Questionnaire to potential users: Survey Monkey/Google Forms

60% agree with the need for product to help prioritize they tasks


An email that asks "What is the most important task to complete today?" (6-10 people)

      Then a follow up to ask how it went and if it was completed

        What was the result?

Form Used:

Results 1:

Asked for two critical events from a working individual's everyday life:

 - many were work related but some where in their daily lives

 - interviewed 10 people and 6 said their would be interested. (So it passes my success criteria)

   - but some said not sure how it would be different from other to-do apps due to poor experiences

   - but the 6 said that they would be open to something that helps prioritize their busy day

With this information I will persevere 

I did learn:

individuals do not always know what is possible to improve their daily progress

People are always skeptical unless they are able to become extremely familiar or can relate


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