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Focused Art Selection for Paying Clients

When I worked in a corporate environment, I was fairly organized with systems in place.  However, as an entrepreneur, I struggle with creating systems.  I also am making some changes in the direction of my business.  My most important challenge at the moment is to work on those projects on my list most likely to lead to closed sales and income.

I have had an art gallery and put on art exhibits for the last 5 1/2 years.  i put on many art shows that people enjoyed, but with random sales.  I closed the retail gallery this year, took some personal time, and am concentrating more on art consulting.   This means helping to select art for clients for home or office at a time when they have the need.  I have worked with many artists and still curate some shows.  Atlanta is a soft art market, so I need to really concentrate on closing sales when given a window of opportunity.  While I have worked with many artists, I'm finding a need to have a broader base of artists, along with some very affordable print resources for this purpose.

With this project, I want to stay focused on the potential clients I have talked to about their art needs with the goal of proposing art and closing sales in a timely manner.



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