Focus - student project


I found myself a little bit addicted to Facebook, but prone to distraction in a lot of other ways as well, so I started my own little distraction detox. For 30 days I didn't use any social media of any kind, I deleted all the games and other time-wasters form my phone, and I started proactively pursuing hobbies with the extra time I found I had, one of which was to take Skillshare classes.

I wanted to design a pictogram about this detox, and rather than create a No Distractions sign, I figured I'd go proactive and design a Focus sign.


I threw away my sketches without taking a picture of them, so below are some iterations on the focus concept.

Focus - image 1 - student project

I love The Noun Project and I used it to see what themes came up. My favorites were clocks, lens targets, and eyes. 

Final Pictogram

I had a difficult time choosing which concept I liked best from the drafts. The last one, the eye with the exclamation point, was my favorite for a while, but when I looked at it with fresh eyes, I noticed it looks more like it's saying, "Watch out!" or "Beware what you look at!" (more about NSFW than focusing) or "Big Brother is watching." So I retooled and came up with this:

Focus - image 2 - student project

I'm still not totally sure it's the best concept, but I like how the eye is also a clock wheel and the clock hands become a checkmark when arranged this way. Altogether it kinda says, "Keep your eyes on getting things done right now." But I'm biased because I came up with it. I'm always down with hearing other ideas!

Robbie Collett
Instructional/Graphic/Multimedia Design