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Joshua Ganyon

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Focus on Transgender Rights in Seattle and Tacoma Media

This is based on a very simple analysis I did after reading two separate articles from papers in Seatle and Tacoma about the new law in WA allowing people to use a bathroom consistent with their gender identity instead of anatomical sex. Those looking to repeal this bill seem to state that it would make it easier for criminals to enter bathrooms under false pretexts.

Immediately I noticed that the Tacoma article gave much more space to criminals, using many specific terms: "sex offenders", "predators", "pedophiles", "sexual assaulters", "rapists", and those who want to abuse". Seattle only used the word "predators". Tacoma also chooses to refer to transgender people and their allies as "others" in this article, presenting their case last despite the whole focus of their article being the "transgender bathroom rule" which is a human right here in Washington.

I counted raw occurances of these words used to describe criminals and raw occurances of the word "transgender" and then compared the results to the overall word count of the article.


I would love to investigate more ways of taking qualitative data and transforming it into something quantitative. The analysis here is really limited, but it does give a bit insight into the sentiments behind the articles produced in these two hometowns of mine.


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