Focus: My Self Evaluation

Focus: My Self Evaluation - student project

Since watching the video, I've started working with Todoist and using the system outlined in the video. I have so many notes scattered around it's going to take me some time to capture all my different to-dos and filter them through the Eisenhower Method. I've integrated it with google calendar and gmail and even found a way to use Google Tasks to make a habit tracker on the same calendar.

I've been saving articles in 3 different places - on Facebook, Pocket and Instapaper - so I have chosen to stick with Pocket. What I'm going to do is go through my old saves in all three places, delete what's no longer relevant and then migrate the ones I want to keep over to Pocket.

I've put Escape 2 on my laptop today, so it will be sobering to see the way I've been spending my time. And I have a thing called Forest on my phone which I haven't used yet, but which might be good for scheduling deep work and navigating distractions on my smart phone.

I've also had an app called Freedom on my desktop for ages, but never really used it. So what I want to do is start planning my day, and programming Freedom in advance to shut down my access to sites the day before. I want to give myself some access, but to limit it, as I do a lot of mindless scrolling instead of resting properly.

I already have f.lux and have been using it for some years, but I think it's time to fire up my Kindle and read books on there instead of on the kindle app on my laptop, or else read paper books before I go to bed.

I've tried the Do Not Disturb once, and should definitely do more of that. Program it along with my Freedom app I think. I've limited notifications on my smartphone already.

I already use Insight Timer to meditate - it's way better than Headspace or Calm, with world class teachers and loads of different styles. The free version gives you quite a lot. Much more than headspace which kind of tricks you into giving them money after the first few days.

It's kind of a moot point whilst working from home with Coronavirus, but maybe it's not - this idea of scheduling days differently is actually great. I have a few different things to work on, so maybe I can try it with this. I have started taking a long walk with the dog each day too, as I'm trying to build up my strength after a recent illness.

I think constructive morning and evening routines that don't involve screen time are what will make my day go a lot better. If I start browsing on my laptop in the morning, it puts me in the wrong mood for the rest of the day. And if I pick up my laptop when I'm tired and at home, I tend to get lost in mindless scrolling also. I do need to use my laptop for work, but it always overwhelms me and I lose all sense of me mastering it rather than it mastering me.

The worst distractions are notifications, messages from messenger and WhatsApp, mindless scrolling on Facebook and instagram (better since I took them off my phone) Getting lost in reading articles rather than saving them to pocket. I guess I need to schedule time where I can do all these things to, rather than trying to stamp them out entirely.

Right now, I'm trying to build good habits step by step. And then I want to come back to my reflections on this course and refine what I am doing. 


- I am getting up and doing yoga and meditation first thing, as well as walking daily and doing my singing practice. I'm slowly rebuilding my habit tracker which always keeps me on track.

- I am taking time to really thoroughly go through all my plans and notes, and setting up Todoist so it can work for me in an optimal way.

- I'm going to start to be more prepared about how I am going to use my laptop when I open it. Through setting up Freedom for certain hours of the day, for starters. And reading the data on Escape 2. And using Forest to schedule tasks I am resistant too, and sticking to them for a limited amount of time.