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Focus HERE - increase your power to manifest

I've always loved doing everything. Focus was not my thing. Why choose!? I enjoyed all the subjects at school, I did all sports well, I love arts, I would read The Economist and Time magazine every week, I studied finance and economics to keep my options open, I travelled to more then 60 countries around the world. 

At the age of 33 I had been married 9 years, had two adorable healthy children, and had just moved to a newly renoviated mansion in Miamii. THIS is it?!?! The house became the BOX where I would be until my toddlers left for college. NOOOOOOO!!!!! This was not close to a life that inspired me. I didn't have friends in this new place. Palm tree after palm tree did not distract me like living in Soho in NYC had. My husband would only come from NY on weekends, would be busy with his hobbies when he came, and I was a stay at home mom, a BUTLER!, even though I had an MBA from Chicago booth and energy to do so much. I got separated and stumbled into a terrible divorce clawing for my sense of worth and independance. 

Two years of deep spiritual search have taught me the importance of setting intention, having a vision of what I want. I've suffered and know what pain is. I'm passionate about helping people have tools to empower themselves. That's where this app comes in.

I began with the name Tell Your Angel.... at a prompt, you would tell your Angel your intention for the day. You could select from a list for free or add your own (unlimited functionality) for $1.99. then the app sends you notifications to remind you and increase your power to manifest. You can also buy packages of 5 specific intentions for $0.99. 

The logo represents us as radio towers sending signals out the universe to manifest our dreams.

Feedback - Lessons: The wings and the Angel made many people feel it was not for them. The purchasing of functionality was not too visible. After two days of not setting intentions, the app would stop sending notifications and the people forgot. Few ratings... there was no direct invitation to iTunes to do it. 

I have a big picture of a wellness platform called Are You HERE Yet to create your ideal life; that would feed info into three  apps for Focus, Flow and Discipline. My brother lent me his designer and I aligned the brand this way...

In the last iteration a week ago: 

1 ) I changed the name from Tell Your Angel to Focus HERE which sends a clearer message and is more user friendly. (Still old logo without the angel wings. I thought it was too much to change name and icon in one round.)

2)I made it easier for people to buy the write your own Focus functionality by inviting to write three free intentions. 

3) I added the direct link to rate on itunes. 

4) Added "I'm focused" button so people can interact when they recieve notifications. 

5) Changed wording from intention to FOCUS (which includes Visions, affirmations and intentions).

Download free APP here:


Want to break it down into Personal, Group and Global Focus.

Personal already exists (want to add subscription level for people to add actions required for each intention, be able to select multiple focus per day, timer to spend one min visualizing and feeling each Focus each day, feedback on their response to the notificaitiions, etc)

Group: Companies can share their Focus with their clients, students, employees.

Global: Getting NGO's to share their vision of the issue they want resolved. ex: All kids in Africa are nourished. It's very powerful if a large group of people visualizes that. Would like for people to buy the vision for .99 and then donate through the app. 

My biggest issue:

I outsource the development to a person who has a company for web and app solutions. Some weeks he works hard, some he's not available. 

Lessons so far: Haven't been able to notify users of new version of App. I don't welcome to the app or stay in touch with them. I was told that asking for emails was too expensive to code. FB login is easier. Didn't get it in for this version. Decided to get the new version out anyway... better to move forward and get feedback.

I need traction so I can convince investors and a team that there is something of value HERE! 

Would love your FEEDBACK!!! Thank you. Blessings. 


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